07 Feb 2017

NEMO at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

7-11 February 2017 Hall A - Booth 18:03

NEMO is present for the first time 
At Stockhoklm Furniture & Light Fair 2017 

Nemfor the first time at the Stockholm & Light fair. The Italian company has shown impressive growth in 2016 and is pursuing its policy for innovation with new projects signed off with Rudy Ricciotti, Charles Kalpakian and Arihiro Miyake. Its industrial research continues to rely on the genetic architectural and design heritage of the great masters with the production, for the first time, of the Borne Béton designed by Le Corbusier in 1952 for the Unité d’habitation in Marseille/ Bhakra Dam, Sukhna Dam.

And then, as Federico Palazzari who directs the company says,  "A collection needs solid but informal products, that grate a little to begin with before they become the right fit over time, like the cashmere or jeans that we refuse to throw away even if they are worn to death." Rudi Ricciotti is the talking point in 2016 with a lamp that balances industrial rigour and a punk gesture. A manifesto object against the design of objects: a distinct beam, just outlined with LEDs, called "But more than this I am not able". “An extreme reduction of any carbon footprint ” according to the Marseille architect.