Tubes est une famille de lampes au design épuré, linéaire et essentiel, exprimé par les formes pures des éléments tubulaires: disponibles en versions suspension, applique et plafonnier, avec un mouvement simple les corps en aluminium tournent pour rediriger la lumière comme souhaité.

Technical drawing

0 , 8 2 4 Ø6 , 9 19 , 7 340° Ø4 340°


  • 2700K
    LED board2x4W2x190lmspot light2700Kdimmable TRIAC230V
    8520Ø6,9x24x19,7340° elements orientability. Also available in 120V
    AluminumCode/ColorTTB LWW 42 whitewashCode/ColorTTB LNW 42 black/black


TUBES 2 WALLCharles KalpakianDécouvrir
TUBES 3 PENDANTCharles KalpakianDécouvrir
TUBES LARGE WALLCharles KalpakianDécouvrir
TUBES LARGE CEILINGCharles KalpakianDécouvrir

Charles Kalpakian

Charles Kalpakian was born in Beirut in 1982. In 2011, after collaborating with Christophe Pillet, he opened his own studio. Geometric lines are the signature of his innovative approach, fusing his oriental roots, his knowledge of design and the decorative arts as well as his passion for the urban contemporary culture. Tubes and Wall Shadows reflect this timeless aesthetic which brings the classics back into our homes with a fundamental futuristic twist.


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