K-Hole System is aimed at satisfying the needs of lighting design planning particularly for retail spaces. The family is composed of two typologies: semi-recessed and ceiling/ wall with QR111 LED or halogen sources. The semi-recessed version can be installed in all plasterboard ceiling. In the wall/ceiling version, the power supply is integrated. Products realized in matt white powder coated aluminium.

Technical drawing


  • HALO
    G53 QR11160Worientabledimmable TRIAC, according to bulb230V
    90° orientable bulb, drivers and trafos included
    AluminiumCode/ColorKH1 HWW 41 white

Gabi Peretto

“Life, function and aesthetic design of the object should not be linked to a short-term fashion trying to make his own the words "I have always believed that style was more important than fashion". For Gabi, creating a project doesn't mean to "just live the present", but is a fundamental plunge in the future, imagining and reconstructing the future scenarios of living and dwelling”.


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