“Le Mobilier d’architectes, 1960-2020” is an exhibition focused on the architect as a designer of collections of furniture, objects and lights that, like small architectures, reflect the industrial and social challenges of different historical moments since the 60s.

When you think about the figure of the architect you imagine cities, buildings and monuments but often these designers also draw objects of our daily lives, “from the spoon to the city” citing Ernest Nathan Rogers.

These products are interpreters of different ways of living the relationship with space dictated by the social context of different historical periods, by cultural approaches characterized by the geographical origin of the designers but also by the technological revolutions that have characterized the world of light and by the continuous research that Artemide has developed to translate these innovations into a Human & Responsible Light capable of excitement.

The exhibition, with almost 250 pieces, 120 architects and 80 publishers represented, will be open from 29 May to 30 September.

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