Lina Bo Bardi

Born in Rome in 1914, Lina Bo Bardi is one of the most notable and expressive architects of the 20th century. Her works were influenced by inspiring collaboration in Milan and later in Sao Paolo, where she moved permanently.
A prolific architect and designer, she devoted her working life to promoting the social and cultural potential of architecture and design.

In 1951 Bo Bardi designed “Casa de Vidro”, which represents an international iconic model to combine Architecture and Nature, a meeting point for artists, and intellectuals.

In 2021, posthumously receive the Special Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the year’s Venice Architectural Biennale.

Architecture is created, ‘invented anew,’ by each man who attempts her, who roams her space, climbs a stair, rests on a balustrade, lifts his head to look, open, close a door, who sits down or gets up and makes intimate contact with, and at the same time create ‘forms’ in, the space.

Designed by Lina Bo Bardi


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