Small version of the Kepler lamp only with down light. Suspension lamp in extruded aluminum powder coated. Available versions in white, black and the new gold finish. The continuous line is made through a three-dimensional process of extruded aluminum engineered by Nemo and it is designed based on the geometric principle of the Moebius strip.

Technical drawing



    Linear LED55W1954lmdiffused downlight2700Kdimmable 1-10V110/240V
    85adjustable cable length from 2,5m to 0,4m, DALI version on request, TRIAC VERSION on request
    aluminium + PCCode/ColorKES LWW 54 whiteCode/ColorKES LNN 54 blackCode/ColorKES LOW 54 gold painted
    Linear LED55W1954lm diffused downlight3000Kdimmable 1-10V110/240V
    85adjustable cable length from 2,5m to 0,4m, DALI version on request
    aluminium + PCCode/ColorKES LWW 52 whiteCode/ColorKES LNN 52 blackCode/ColorKES LOW 52 gold painted


KEPLER MINORArihiro MiyakeDiscover
KEPLERArihiro MiyakeDiscover

Arihiro Miyake

Arihiro Miyake was born in Japan in 1975. He started his design studies in his motherland at Kobe Design University, then moved to Finland to finish a Master’s degree in furniture and space design at Aalto University. Arihiro Miyake Studio opened in 2014, allowing him to investigate multiple areas including interior, product and lighting design. His collaboration with Nemo started with projects such as In the Wind and Kepler, creating new paradigms in the lighting world.


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