In 1952, on the shores of the French Riviera, Le Corbusier built “Cabanon”: the absolute archetype of essential living. The project, executed according to the rules of the Modulor, is found just a stone’s throw away from the sea and served as a refuge for the architect in his final years.

Technical drawing

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  • E27 LED
    E27 LED25Wdiffuseddimmable on cable, according to bulb230V
    2021x42cmcable length 2,5m, LED 4-25W
    Code/ColorCAB ENW 11 gun metal/green tracing paper sheet
Lampe Cabanon, named after the inspired microcosm, represents a symbol of architecture, design, production, and essential living. The lampshade, made from tracing paper that the architect used, was crafted from a wartime artifact – a mortar shell carrier – found on French beaches.

The lamp, for which numerous sketches and designs exist, represents a moment of rebirth in the post-war world.

“I feel so good in my cabanon that I will definitely end my life here”
Le Corbusier


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