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“Only by diving completely in the archives of Le Corbusier, we understood the real nature of these projects; searching among technical tables, drawings, notebooks and notes, among pictures of architecture, friends and travels, we discovered a world of lights and objects coming out from the edges of a picture, transformed and colored according to the place, part of an unconscious made of natural, mechanical and metaphysical shapes”, says Valentina Folli, curator of LA LUCE book of Nemo Edition 2019.

The Swiss-French architect was used to design every single detail of his projects and, in line with this attitude, he created a solid beech frame to use for sketches and photographs.

Technical drawing



    2 hanging positions (vertically and horizontally) or free-standing
    Tempered transparent glass. Aluminum anodized bracketsCode/ColorCLC SMT 31 oiled solid beech
Studio-Apartment Le Corbusier, Rue Nungesser at Coli, Paris

It is a peculiar innovative frame, which is both a self-standing and hanging object, in the typical rational and pragmatic approach to all the elements that characterized the work of Le Corbusier.

The proportion and the transparency of Le Cadre parfait offer a continuous surprise to the value of his work.

We are proud to propose for the first time this exclusive object in the Nemo Unique collection, as a further tribute to the harmony and pragmatism of Le Corbusier for our daily life.


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