An object, a lamp, a symbol. A numbered limited edition with a special gold treatment for what has become a Manifesto of Rudy Ricciotti work and philosophy. The primitive strength of the iron together with a rough doré treatment.



Technical drawing

15 8 5


  • LED
    linear LED2,4W200lm direct/indirect2700Kswitch on cable110/230V
    85A+switch on cable, cable length 3m
    steelCode/ColorRCM LGG 11 gold painted
Proposed by NEMO in a limited gold painted edition, with indirect light, this piece is made in industrial style out of rough metal, each lamp is produced in a traditional way so that small aesthetic and finishing differences between one product and another are signs of precious uniqueness.

This light’s design is inspired by the footbridge of the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations in Marseille, conceived by Rudy Ricciotti and that has become one of the visual identifications of the French city.

The particular name of this small lamp is explained by the architect himself: “This project was born with industrial waste but less than that, I am not capable of it”, Rudy Ricciotti.

“French architect, engineer, and publisher Rudy Ricciotti is a controversial figure in the world of contemporary architecture. Philippe Starck has named the architect “a clairvoyant, untamable wild animal” — the highest compliment the archistar and compatriot could bestow on a fellow creative. “In his subversive magician hands, inert concrete becomes a political weapon and a poetic pen.” Elle Decor, 2019

Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations (MuCEM) by Rudy Ricciotti, Marseille. Photo Credits - Lisa Ricciotti


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