Panama Mini, by Euga Design Studio, is the rechargeable, portable and smaller version of Panama LED table lamp with a sleek silhouette for ease of use and a contemporary aesthetic. Available in either a coal black or white textured finish, this table light has an integrated LED light source for a long-lasting glow.

Technical drawing

30 Ø 20 Ø 7


    LED board2,9W (11W-411lm on charge)184lmdown, diffused2700Kdimmable on board110/240V
    93A+cable length 1,2m / rechargeable, 10 hours battery life, 6 hours charge time (light off) / on charge: 11W-411lm
    aluminiumCode/ColorPNM LWW 12 white textured/whiteCode/ColorPNM LXX 12 coal black/white
  • LED
    LED board13W922lmdown, diffused2700Kswitch on cable110/240V
    85A+cable length 1,5m, switch on cable
    aluminiumCode/ColorPNM LWW 14 white textured/whiteCode/ColorPNM LXX 14 coal black/white

Panama Mini portable has a battery life of 10 hours when fully charged using the included charger cable and has a dimmer switch located on the base to create the right ambience.

Perfect for domestic and working environments, this table light is a lovely addition to any space and has a wide variety of uses to suit all needs.

“A thin luminescent disk suspended between technology and memory. We searched in memory with technological devices in order to find the essentiality”
Euga Design


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