Family of table lamps in two sizes Panama and Panama Mini, with LED sources for diffused lighting.
Made of aluminum, they are equipped with a polycarbonate reflector with anti-glare treatment and are therefore suitable for both domestic and work environments.
Available in matt white or black embossed painted finishes.
The mini version is also available in a cordless rechargeable battery version. Duration: 10 hours, recharge: 6 hours.

Technical drawing

30 Ø 20 Ø 7


    LED board2,9W (11W-411lm on charge)184lmdown, diffused2700Kdimmable on board110/240V
    93A+cable length 1,2m / rechargeable, 10 hours battery life, 6 hours charge time (light off), on charge: 11W - 411lm
    aluminiumCode/ColorPNM LWW 12 white textured/whiteCode/ColorPNM LXX 12 coal black/white
  • LED
    LED board13W922lmdown, diffused2700Kswitch on cable110/240V
    85A+cable length 1,5m, switch on cable
    aluminiumCode/ColorPNM LWW 14 white textured/whiteCode/ColorPNM LXX 14 coal black/white


PANAMAEuga DesignDiscover

Euga Design

The topic of a decorative home lamp with led was still to be explored. We wanted to use a non-linear support, we thought to an aluminium disk. Needed something different from the idea of “coldness” of led light. Our challange was to “dress” this disk of led.


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