Sophisticated and technical project that introduces the most cutting-edge achievements in the optics and dimming control into a domestic environment. Designed for a sharp lighting through a fluid interaction. A simple hand gesture can orient the light, vary the intensity and adjust the beam angle. The spotlight’s features converge where the hand naturally rests to direct the spot. Matte black aluminium.

Technical drawing



  • LED
    LED spot5W467lm*15-60°2700Kdim on board110/240V
    90zoom and dim control on board, cable length 2,5m, driver in the canopy, nominal flux*
    Code/ColorTYP LNN 51 matte black painted


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Guillaume Bloget

Guillaume Bloget is an independent designer based in Paris. After graduating at ENSCI-Les Ateliers with honours in 2016, he first worked for designers and architects on furniture, object and interior design projects before founding his own industrial design studio in 2018.


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