A contemporary design icon reminiscent of ancient chandeliers: Crown, inspired by the shape of snowflakes, is characterised by a versatile design with a strong visual appeal, enhanced by a modular structure that allows countless possible combinations of colours and sizes.

Technical drawing

67.7 44.5 6.3


    G912x25Wdiffuseddimmable according to bulb120V
    2067.7" x 44.5" x 6.3"cable length 8.2’ max, bulb included: G9 HALO, available G9 LED KIT NEMO (appendix section), extra cable on request (320USD per a minimum of 32’)
    aluminum + glassCode/ColorCRO HLW 57 polished aluminiumCode/ColorCRO HWW 57 whiteCode/ColorCRO HNW 57 blackCode/ColorCRO HGW 57 gold paintedCode/ColorCRO HOW 57 gold platedCode/ColorCRO HPW 57 black plated


CROWN APPLIQUEJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN WALLJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN SUMMAJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN ROYALJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANA MINORJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANA MAJORJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANA LINEAJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANAJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MULTIJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MINORJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MAJORJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MAGNUMJehs + LaubDiscover

CMI’s Sales Department, Belgium


Lancaster Hotel, London

Jehs + Laub

“Nature, again and again, inspires us to design – like the ‘crown’, which comes from a snowflake”.


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