Latest addition to the collection, Fox Wall essential aesthetic enhances its functionality: the steel matte black painted slewing arch with its clear, timeless design allows wide movements creating interaction with the space, while the cylindric spot with the optional antiglare filter allows to direct the light according to any need. The light is warm and diffuse and suitable for any interior space.

Technical drawing

35°+55°TOT 90°4183,275 ± 3100 ± 3 Ø81090°+90°TOT 180°150


  • 2700K
    LED spot15W839lmOrientable2700Kdimmer on cable110/240V
    902059x39x1,2Cable length 11.5’, dimmer on cable, honeycomb accessory included, dimmer on board, 90° orientable spotCode/ColorFOX LN2 31 matte black painted


FOXBernhard OsannDiscover

Bernhard Osann

“I was inspired by the sculptural and kinetic aesthetics of articulated arms. Radical simplification brings these aesthetics into focus. As the joints work without visible wires or rope hoists the Untitled is reduced to a few precise lines. The result is a graphically appearing, timeless desk lamp, characterized by its flexibility”.


press: “Licht, Objekt, Raum – Design von Bernhard Osann”  (



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