Driven by the need to illuminate faces reflected in the mirror of a piece of furniture designed for the famous French glassworks Boussois, Charlotte Perriand created the Lampe de Bureau wall version in 1965. Inside the diffuser, the white preserves the natural color of the light, while outside, the finishes of the translucent molded glass appear pure and brilliant.

Technical drawing

7 Ø 0.3 5.5 Ø 3.7 47.2


    E1220Wdiffused/directswitch on board120V
    207.1'x 47.2'cable length 8.8’, steel base dark grey RAL7016, steel body light grey RAL7046, internal glass color white
    steel + glassCode/ColorLDB EDV 21 greenCode/ColorLDB EDR 21 redCode/ColorLDB EDB 21 blue mareCode/ColorLDB EDC 21 blue greyCode/ColorLDB EDG 21 yellowCode/ColorLDB EDW 21 white


LAMPE DE BUREAU WALLCharlotte PerriandDiscover
LAMPE DE BUREAUCharlotte PerriandDiscover

Charlotte Perriand

To Charlotte Perriand, lamps were not a decorative element added for no reason, but a functional and technical component, a tool and an object answering to specific needs. Perriand’s minimalistic approach instills a timeless character in her creations: these are the “Useful Forms” that came from the movement she co-founded in 1949. Like Perriand’s furniture, her lamps are not immovable, but rotate and bend themselves, adjusting to our needs.


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