Moving into the future in the dematerialisation and miniaturisation of light sources. Titia is the result of a remarkable piece of light engineering that becomes part of the structure itself: the vacuum is filled by the light of the structure. The identical modules in recycled polymer are injection-moulded and equipped with quick couplings, allowing a practical and fast assembly and creating a discreet silhouette.

Technical drawing


  • 2700K
    linear LED90W3850lmdiffused 2700Kdimmable 1-10V120V
    852027.6 x 23.6 x 27.6cable length 9.8’, white RAL 9003, black RAL 9005PC + ABSCode/ColorTIT LWW 51 whiteCode/ColorTIT LNN 51 black


TITIA MINORArihiro MiyakeDiscover

Arihiro Miyake

“In a time in which the light source itself can even be designed according to each object, the question would be how the lighting design should meet technology and how the light should look like. My answer is a simple, yet very fresh attempt, free from ready-made ideas, and rules based on classic lighting sources. In The Wind is a way to the future”.


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