Wall Shadows est une famille d’appliques murales, capables d’offrir des scènes lumineuses inhabituelles et un éclairage LED diffus. Le rythme répétitif s’inspire de monuments tels que le site archéologique de Baalbeck au Liban, brouillant la frontière entre le travail du design industriel et le chef-d’oeuvre sculptural. Disponibles en différentes tailles, ils sont fabriqués en aluminium découpé au laser et peints en blanc mat.

Technical drawing

14 30 45


  • 3000K
    LED board11W445lm diffused indirect3000Kdimmable 1-10V110-240V
    8020horizontal and vertical mounting. DALI version on request
    AluminiumCode/ColorWSH LWW 33 white


WALL SHADOWS PETITCharles KalpakianDécouvrir
WALL SHADOWS LONGCharles KalpakianDécouvrir
WALL SHADOWS GRANDCharles KalpakianDécouvrir

Charles Kalpakian

Charles Kalpakian was born in Beirut in 1982. In 2011, after collaborating with Christophe Pillet, he opened his own studio. Geometric lines are the signature of his innovative approach, fusing his oriental roots, his knowledge of design and the decorative arts as well as his passion for the urban contemporary culture. Tubes and Wall Shadows reflect this timeless aesthetic which brings the classics back into our homes with a fundamental futuristic twist.


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