Dall’esigenza di illuminare i volti riflessi nello specchio di un mobile disegnato per la famosa vetreria francese Boussois, Charlotte Perriand crea nel 1965 la versione a parete di Lampe de Bureau. All’interno del diffusore il bianco preserva il colore naturale della luce, mentre all’esterno le finiture del vetro stampato traslucido appaiono pure e brillanti.

Technical drawing

1 8 Ø 1 1 4 Ø 9, 5 1 2 0


    E1420Wdiffused/directswitch on board230V
    20cable length 2,7m, internal glass color white, steel base dark grey RAL7016, steel body light grey RAL7046, green, red, blue mare, blue grey and yellow glass available
    steel + glassCode/ColorLDB EDV 21 greenCode/ColorLDB EDR 21 redCode/ColorLDB EDB 21 blue mareCode/ColorLDB EDC 21 blue greyCode/ColorLDB EDG 21 yellowCode/ColorLDB EDW 21 white

La famiglia

LAMPE DE BUREAU WALLCharlotte PerriandScopri
LAMPE DE BUREAUCharlotte PerriandScopri

Charlotte Perriand

She was an architect, designer, as well as an enthusiastic hiker and skier, a visionary, an independent woman and a global traveller. From the early decades of the 20th century, she revisited the concept of design and its aesthetic values, giving life to contemporary design through timeless, iconic and authentic objects that bear witness to modern times.


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