The vibration of Le grand bleu, special version of the Potence Pivotante Mini by Charlotte Perriard. An iconic colour for this numbered edition of a timeless paradigm of the lighting design world.

In her autobiography, Charlotte Perriand describes how the Potence Pivotante was conceived “In 1940 I designed a revolving and spartan lamp, manufactured with long, black tubes assembled in a shape of an inverted L, to bring electrical cable from the switch to the bulb”.


Technical drawing

50 100 84 13 8 wall electrical installation cover 4 2 7 180°


    halopin G9 QT-144W400lm (source luminous flux)diffused2700Kdimmable230V
    orientable, switch on cable, LED dimmable bulb included, max power allowed 25W HALO bulb, cover for direct wall electrical installation (no plug) included, dimmable (only with direct wall electrical installation), cable length 2,5m. RAL 5002
    steel + aluminiumCode/ColorPOM HBW 31 matte blue
Charlotte Perriand’s interest for lighting dates back to her education at the School of decorative arts of Paris, from 1920 to 1925. When she was 20, she got the silver medal in the lighting competition held by the Société d’encouragement à l’art et l’industrie. In 1929, in the “the big interior designers” column, published on “La Semaine à Paris” newspaper, charlotte Perriand’s name was followed by the mention “modern installation, furniture, decoration, lighting” . Her interest for artificial lighting was constant. Certainly, all her architectural or interior projects for residences involved a lighting study. Whenever she had insufficient budget for her works, she selected available objects to hack “lighting needs”. In the ‘20s, she usedsome Kodak movie projectors or the headlight of a car to light houses up.

Charlotte Perriand’s lightings are timeless. They are at the same time functional and minimalist, designed, as her furniture, on an architectural scale. They aren’t lightings of a “designer” but of an “architect”, that play with volumes and dimensions, as an architectural element of a combination, to let space “sing”.

Pernette Perriard-Barsac, Jacques Barsac, Archives Charlotte Perriard

A part from the famous collaboration with Pierre Janneret and Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand also worked with another great architect of those times: Jean Prouvé.

In her autobiography, she writes: “I designed a revolving and cheap lamp, manufactured with long, black tubes assembled in a shape of an inverted L, to bring electrical cable from the switch to the bulb”.

Perriand’s influence on the Prouvé's atelier was so deep that while in 1938 she designed this lamp and named it Potence Pivotante, in 1950 Jean Prouvé designed his Potence, considered one of the paradigms of his genius, which is based on the same idea that Perriand had 10 years before.


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