Comprehension and prediction of future technologies are the driving themes behind Chloris, a two-year research project by Arihiro Miyake. A pendant lamp which explores the paradigm of atmospheric design. Framed by a conducting structure, single LED sources are embedded in polycarbonate diffusers, dispersing in the air like floating.

Technical drawing


  • LED
    LED board90Wdiffused2500K / 3000K110-240V
    9020ø90x56cmDTW, cable length 2,5m
    Code/ColorCHL LGD 51 nichel/white

Arihiro Miyake

Arihiro Miyake was born in Japan in 1975. He started his design studies in his motherland at Kobe Design University, then moved to Finland to finish a Master’s degree in furniture and space design at Aalto University. Arihiro Miyake Studio opened in 2014, allowing him to investigate multiple areas including interior, product and lighting design. His collaboration with Nemo started with projects such as In the Wind and Kepler, creating new paradigms in the lighting world.


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