Inspired by a trip by Álvaro Siza to East Timor, area of a Portuguese colony in East Asia known as Timor Loro Sae, Lorosae denotes the place where the sun rises. Through the translucent glass in different pure and brilliant finishes, Lorosae battery lamp is a rechargeable, battery-powered design that spreads a diffused light and expresses a direct connection to the country, its culture and geographical location.

Technical drawing


    LED board3,6W380lmdiffused2700Kdimmable touch on board5V
    9054Ø20cmequipped with USB-C socket, cable included, rechargeable, min 5h MAX 15h battery life, 4,5h charging time
    glass Code/ColorLOR LWW 11 jasmite whiteCode/ColorLOR LWB 11 ocean blueCode/ColorLOR LWG 11 sorrento yellowCode/ColorLOR LWA 11 sicilian orangeCode/ColorLOR LWV 11 rosemary green


LOROSAEÁlvaro SizaDiscover

Álvaro Siza

Born in 1933 a few kilometers from Porto, Álvaro Siza graduated in architecture in 1955 at the University of Porto. He stands as one of the leading exponents of Portuguese architecture.


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