For his solo exhibition at the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza, Álvaro Siza designed Lorosae. A timeless design from 1999, featuring translucent glass in different pure and brilliant finishes, while the white inner part of the diffuser preserves the natural colour of the light.

Technical drawing

19 Ø20 2,6 Ø11 Ø30 29 2,6 Ø11 39 Ø40 2,6 Ø11 LOROSAE Ø20 LOROSAE Ø30 LOROSAE Ø40


  • 20
    E27 LED/HALO/FLUO100Wdiffused/directdimmable according to bulb230V
    20Ø20x19cmcable length 2,5m
    Code/ColorLOR EWW 51 jasmine whiteCode/ColorLOR EWB 51 ocean blueCode/ColorLOR EWG 51 sorrento yellowCode/ColorLOR EWA 51 sicilian orangeCode/ColorLOR EWV 51 rosemary green
  • 30
    E27 LED/HALO/FLUO100Wdiffused/directdimmable according to bulb230V
    20Ø30x29cmcable length 2,5m
    Code/ColorLOR EWW 52 jasmine whiteCode/ColorLOR EWB 52 ocean blueCode/ColorLOR EWG 52 sorrento yellowCode/ColorLOR EWA 52 sicilian orangeCode/ColorLOR EWV 52 rosemary green
  • 40
    E27 LED/HALO/FLUO100Wdiffused/directdimmable according to bulb230V
    20Ø40cx39cmcable length 2,5m
    Code/ColorLOR EWW 53 jasmine whiteCode/ColorLOR EWB 53 ocean blueCode/ColorLOR EWG 53 sorrento yellowCode/ColorLOR EWA 53 sicilian orangeCode/ColorLOR EWV 53 rosemary green


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Álvaro Siza

Born in 1933 a few kilometers from Porto, Álvaro Siza graduated in architecture in 1955 at the University of Porto. He stands as one of the leading exponents of Portuguese architecture.


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