Nemo’s exploration of the world of architectural battery-powered lighting proceeds with an innovative design path that began with Plint. After reversing the accent lighting paradigm, Nemo’s miniaturization ability is revealed in its highly flexible reduced version. Inside a metal structure, a high-performance spot is powered by a highly flexible battery for accent lighting. Dimmer on board.

Technical drawing°


  • 3000K
    LED spot2.4W185lm3000Kdimmable on board5V
    90205.1'x4.6'cable included (USB-C), rechargeable, 5 hours battery life, 4,5 hours charge time (light off)Code/ColorPLM BNN 11 US blackCode/ColorPLM BNN 11 WH whiteCode/ColorPLM BNN 11 GO goldCode/ColorPLM BNN 11 GR grey


PLINTMassimo ColagrandeDiscover

Massimo Colagrande

“Clean lines, simplicity and timelessness are main characteristics of his architectural approach.

I love to draw geometric volumes and voids carved in materials to create silent, serene, and warm products, where people find shelter.”


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