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Family composed by pendant chandeliers whose shape is inspired by the outline of the snow crystal. Modular lamps realized with a die-casted aluminium structure and sandblasted glass diffusers. Structure is available in different versions hand polished aluminium, glossy gold plated or black plated, painted in matt white, matt black, or matt gold. Widespread light. Double switch for the Summa and Magnum versions. The pendant versions are equipped with transparent cable, red cable on request.
Available a NEMO LED G9 kit

Technical drawing

16 Ø11 3 113 172


    halopin G9 QT-1412x25Wdiffuseddimmable, according to bulb110/230V
    cable length max 2,5m; LED version with kit G9 LED NEMO
    aluminium + glassCode/ColorCRO HWW 57 white/whiteCode/ColorCRO HNW 57 black/whiteCode/ColorCRO HLW 57 polished/whiteCode/ColorCRO HGW 57 gold painted/whiteCode/ColorCRO HOW 57 gold plated/whiteCode/ColorCRO HPW 57 black plated/white


CROWN ROYALJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN FLOORJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN WALLJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MAGNUMJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN SUMMAJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANA MINORJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANA MAJORJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANA LINEAJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANAJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MULTIJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MINORJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MAJORJehs + LaubDiscover

Lancaster Hotel, London


John Cockerill offices, Belgium


Derma Emphasis offices, Athens

Jehs + Laub

“Nature, again and again, inspires us to design – like the ‘crown’, which comes from a snowflake”


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