The Crown collection, an iconic contemporary suspension lamp, born from an intuition by Jehs+Laub and inspired by the silhouette of a snow crystal, is enriched with a new wall-mounted version that increases its efficiency and brightness. Sandblasted highly reflective diffusers. The product is enriched with G-9s in the PLUS version, which are both longer and more efficient, exclusively designed for the Crown wall.

Technical drawing


  • G9 QT-14 LED
    G9 QT-14 LED2x4Windirectdimmable, according to bulb230V
    11,7x21,4white RAL9003, black RAL9005, LED version with kit G9 LED Nemo
    Code/ColorCRO HWW 33 white matteCode/ColorCRO HPW 33 black platedCode/ColorCRO HOW 33 gold platedCode/ColorCRO HLW 33 polishedCode/ColorCRO HNW 33 black matteCode/ColorCRO HGW 33 gold painted matte


CROWN ROYALJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN WALLJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MAGNUMJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN SUMMAJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANA MINORJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANA MEGAJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANA MAJORJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANA LINEAJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANAJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MULTIJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MINORJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MAJORJehs + LaubDiscover

Jehs + Laub

Markus Jehs born in 1965 in Stuttgart and Jürgen Laub born in 1964 in Ulm, have met each other during their academic studies of industrial design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd and became friends after an internship in New York in 1990.


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