A contemporary design icon reminiscent of ancient chandeliers: Crown, inspired by the shape of snowflakes, is characterised by a versatile design with a strong visual appeal, enhanced by a modular structure that allows countless possible combinations of colours and sizes.

Technical drawing

113 109 157 Ø13 4


    halopin G9 QT-1448x25Wdiffuseddouble switch, dimmable according to bulb110-240V
    20109x113x157cmCable length 3,5m, Satin glass diffuser, Bulb H max: 6cm, LED version with kit G9 LED NEMO
    aluminium + glassCode/ColorCRO HWW 59 whiteCode/ColorCRO HNW 59 blackCode/ColorCRO HLW 59 polished aluminiumCode/ColorCRO HGW 59 gold painted/whiteCode/ColorCRO HOW 59 gold plated/whiteCode/ColorCRO HPW 59 black plated/white


CROWN APPLIQUEJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN ROYALJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN WALLJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MAGNUMJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANA MINORJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANA MEGAJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANA MAJORJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANA LINEAJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN PLANAJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MULTIJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MINORJehs + LaubDiscover
CROWN MAJORJehs + LaubDiscover

Jehs + Laub

Markus Jehs born in 1965 in Stuttgart and Jürgen Laub born in 1964 in Ulm, have met each other during their academic studies of industrial design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd and became friends after an internship in New York in 1990.


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